POS Module Not Functional in V 10.0.19

Hi All,
In version 10.0.19 i could not create POS profile.The POS print format for online has no format to select.Effort to save profile failed.To use POS it complained that profile must be created and yet i could not create the profile.Pls help

Hi @Fred1,

If you did a bench update then additionally do bench clear-cache and perhaps bench build as well to ensure you do not have lingering errors.


After bench build, the POS profile and POS responded .But however i could not give discount nor alter the rate even when i specified that these could be done in POS environment.When i click on Discount and a number to specify the discount there is message that i should specify the field to edit in number pad and the field does not exist unlike before

Hmm…I did not test that particular functionality as the customer is not using discount feature but those changes came in through issue Enable/Disable Discount in POS using POS Profile · Issue #11748 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub so feel free to re-open it perhaps there’s a lingering bug.

Just in case you could also run bench migrate to ensure all changes were run against the database accordingly.


Thanks.After bench migrate it works