POS multiple receipts

I need to develop python or java app to get a list of an item from POS and send it to different printers by Custom protocol handlers.

For example:
In a coffee shop, there is a printer for each section:(coffee bar, Pastries, fresh juice).
If a customer makes an order for 2 sandwich and 1 cup of coffee the app will print 1 copy of the invoice to the customer and send a 2 sandwich order to Pastries section printer and send a 1 coffee order to coffee section printer.

or you can use this as reference :


This is already posted on erpnext jobs.


Any hint on how to do it? Because it is really important.
I am really thinking in two points:
How to map the item to the printer (because based on the item, the printer will be used)?
And how to be able to send the print command for these prints automatically once the submit button it clicked?


@bghayad I find the way to do it

I just made the base of this feature:


I am working on it and If it is finalized I will send another PR :sunglasses:


Ohh wonderful, I will look for your code. Thank you a lot. I will try also to help you.
It will be able to map between the item and the printer? For example, items that will be prepared by kitchen 1 will be printed at printer 1 and items that will be prepared at kitchen 2 then it will be printed at printer 2?

From the other side, do you have any idea if tables will be added for POS?


that’s will be great …how can i install . can i test it?

@Mohd_Rizal_sharif Yes, this is the purpose of this PR, to support multiple printers.
I am working on that.

Could you some give design note and I will do it and send it back

I think to enable it here:

And the mapping in POS Profile :

Please Give me your feedback :blush:


Hello @Mohammed_Redha
Wonderful. Bravo.
Item Group is the Item Group that we can determine it in the item stock? Why this is important, because in the end, you need to map the items to the printers.
One more thing: printer1 and printer2 will be the printers that the Operating System (like microsoft windows or ubuntu) can see it? In other words: it should be configured and added by the operating system or how?


Hello @Mohammed_Redha

As you are working in multiple printers at the POS, do you have any idea if there is any one is working on adding the restaurant tables to the POS?
Because it is also required to know this order for which table. Any news about this feature if it will be added?
By the way, the multiple printers feature is ready?

I am looking for multi printers for POS. any news?

Any Update

Yeah @Mohammed_Redha

Whatever happened to this? I remember looking for this feature some time ago

Yes, I solve this issue with this solution:

I create Custom App to extend POS.js and create printers Doctype and make the mapping in Restaurant Menu based on Item group


Hi @Mohammed_Redha

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Could you pls give some more explanation as to how exactly you applied the solution above ? It might make it clearer if you outlined it step-wise


Hi @Mohammed_Redha

You guidance on how to make this happen would help me greatly too
Many thanks in advance