POS not showing items in V13


Running into a bit of an issue. I just set up my ERPNext instance and when I add an item, it shows up on the website without an issue. However, when I open up the POS, it does not show up, and when I search for the barcode in the POS, it shows up but doesn’t add to the cart.

Any guidance would really be appreciated!
Thank you.

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Please check this discussion

Thank you for your reply! I looked through it but I did not see the solution to my problem. I did also try installing POS Awesome (Thank you for all your work on that too by the way), however, after installing it using all the steps, all I see in ERPNext is a blank screen with a “POS Awesome” heading.

Thank you!

Please update POS Awesome to get the fix


POS Awesome worked, Thank you!!

Do you have any idea what could be causing the issue with the native POS not showing the items? The items show up perfectly fine on POS Awesome.


how do you update after installation

Log into your server using your server username with your favorite SSH client and execute the following commands:

cd ~/frappe-bench/apps/posawesome
git pull
cd ~/frappe-bench
bench build --app posawesome
bench restart
bench --site [your.site.name] migrate

That should update your installation to the latest version of POS Awesome. I have used this procedure twice already myself.

Hope this helps…

BKM :sunglasses:

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okay thanks let me try