POS Not synching - Console Error: LocalStorage is full , did not save

I need help with this issue.

I have tried POS > Menu > Upload offline invoices and Sync Master Data, and SHIFT + F5 then tried again, multiple times, All seem to have no effect.

All the invoices are stuck in the POS. I’m afraid there might be loss of 2 month sales data :cold_sweat:

In the first place I cant figure out why is this PC not synchronising offline sales. Internet connectivity has never been the issue.

Hello @adam26d

First of all why would you have 2 months sales on a client PoS system ??

In your configuration you are taking into account that you invoice online, you will have to export the localstorage data and insert it into the manual BD

This may be possible if you do not have an internet connection and your closings are every month


The business owner did not notice monitoring the sales register / invoices during this period



There was an an internet connection. Without it they were not able to open the POS at all

Thanks for your input

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The last time we had an issue like this, it turns out to be caused by a customisation we did on the PoS page.

Do you have anything like that ?

What version are you on ?? In v9 if one invoice had a problem it gets stuck and prevents all subsequent invoices from getting synced too.

One of our common issue then was that a product was disabled after it was sold on PoS but before getting synced

Check your error log on the server, it might point you in the right direction .


Yes. The POS is customised to accept Weighed Products from the butchery section. We have the exact setup at another branch using the same server but not being affected in the same way.

I suspect this came about because we created this site from the a restored database of the similar store then changed the company name and other relevant details. But I havent been able to trace the exact issue so far.

I’ll look through the log as recommended. Thank you.