POS Offline Mode

When offline mode is enabled, how long POS can work without internet?

What if the internet does not come back for hours? Will saved data will be synced or any disaster?

  1. So long as the computer is not shut down, the PoS can keep working. Also make sure you do not close the browser.

  2. Even if you shut down the computer, the saved data will still be there and will be synced when the system comes back on line

  3. Just do not clear the cache of the browser, if you do the saved data may be lost.


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I was reading in an article

"This can store data from 5MB to 10 MB depending on the browser. "

So there is limitation of space, is that enough for couple of days ? Just getting curious.

More than enough

For large business also is that enough?

Even we are missing some receipts while syncing.can you provide us solution?
any other application like desktop or web application required to sync correctly.
your response is highly appreciate!.