PoS Opening Entry not closed by PoS Closing Entry

Hello @netchampfaris

I noticed a weird behavior at PoS Closing.

The PoS Closing Entry is supposed to do 3 things

  1. Close the PoS opening entry so the cashier can start a new trading shift
  2. Consolidate the PoS invoices
  3. Create Sales Invoice

In a real life retail environment the PoS Closing will be done by the Cashier’s Manager.

I am using beta 4 in a real life environment and I noticed that the PoS Closing entry does not do 1 and 2 even though the Sales invoices are created.

I also notice that when this happens the PoS Closing entry field of the PoS Opening Entry will be empty

I have looked at different reasons for this but cannot seem to find out why. I have had to be using the import utility to manually change the status to closed daily so that the cashiers can open a new till the next day. I also have to manually fill the PoS Closing Entry number else it will not be properly closed and the Cashier will still not be able to open a new till the next day.

But the status of the PoS Invoice still remains at paid and not consolidated. This is a serious security flaw as are not able to determine at a glance PoS invoices that have not been consolidated.

Can you have a look at this ? I created a github issue for it some weeks ago but it is getting no love