POS Opening Shift (POS AWESOME) field "amended_from" duplicated

I tried to add a custom field on the POS Opening Shift doctype for POS AWESOME.
But I couldn´t, because a mensage said “duplicated field at rows…” (row 16 and 17)
And that is true, the last 2 rows “amended_from” are duplicated by default. I checked out other instances and all are equal.
I am not depelover and I can´t understand how it is posible as every var should be unique on a doctype.
My question is, if are there any reason for that and if can I delete the duplicated row without cause any problem later?
Fallowing is the document fields table by default as it is look like:

LABEL                      FIELD TYPE      VAR NAME

1 Period Start Date Date Time period_start_date
2 Period End Date Date period_end_date
3 Status Select status
4 Colum Break column_break_3
5 Posting Date Date posting_date
6 Set Posting Date Check set_posting_date
7 Section Break section_break_5
8 Company Link company
9 POS Profile Link pos_profile
10 POS Closing Shift Date pos_closing_shift
11 Column Break column_break_7
12 Cashier Link user
13 Section Break
14 Opening Balance Details Tab balance_details
15 Section Break section_break_9
16 Amended From Link amended_from
17 Amended From Link amended_from

Both duplicated fields are linked to the same doctype POS Opening Shift.

Thank you in advance

If you are using POS Awesome, you should go to @youssef github page and post a Question there in his “Issues” section to ask how he suggests you get around this problem.

He is very easy to work with and takes a great deal of interest in helping users adopt his application. He has also modified some standard doctypes in order to get POS Awesome to work well within the ERPNext system. He will likely know exactly what you are trying to get around and have suggestions for how to do what you need.


Thank you. I will do it.

Wanted to add weighable barcode in POS Awesome for the loose products. I tried doing it added Product it is taking quantity out of nowhere. But the need is it should take the quantity automatically.
EX: If customer buy 1KG Potato then it should automatically fetch the quantity.
Please let me know how we can do it in POS Awesome.

This is already available. You can fallow this link.
Using Scales · yrestom/POS-Awesome Wiki · GitHub.