POS payment does not work

The payment of the POS is not working , Have to switch back to Invoice screen to finish
rgds robert

Can you provide which error you are facing?

The amount to be paid, is the value of invoice and automatically loaded (this on my own request sometime back).

The field cannot be editted.
If one clicks pay >> Missing Values Required
Amount Paid

nothing can be done but change screen

Please define ‘Rate’ for respective item .
I think your item rate is zero ,and when you click on “Pay” button then you got error.

No, that is not the case. All my items are priced. If I switch the invoice form it safes/submits without a problem.Guess it is somehow linked to the non-editability of the total amount field. If one hovers with pointer over field a "zero with a bar sign"appears.I am a cloud user:

@becht_robert The “Paid Amount” field is set / show on Payment screen only if “Mode of Payment” is “Cash”. But in your case, you have no option in Mode of Payment for “Cash”.

Indeed, Cash renamed in “Contant/Cash”. Will change and report back, robert

Such a little thing. Works!! Thanks&rgds Robert

Hi, after the real world acid test…

Our POS customers have different payment option: Cash, PIN (that is using a cardreader, 95% of payment).
The other alternatives (bank transfer, pays next time) are saved but not transmitted. If I receive payment I submit.

Now for the POS, to be used without swap back to invoice screen,'thus Cash and PIn mode of payment are essential.

I believe the most elegant solution may be an extra field in the mode of payment doc “accept as POS payment” where the user can define whether to use a payment-mode for POS transaction or not.

Related to this, the POS customisation should give an option to select (some) custom or other fields, that can be selected for display in POS mode.
@nabinhait, what do u think


Good Idea! :smiley:
Please add it in github issue.

Currently it is not designed for customization, may be in the future.

ok will move to github, rgds robert