PoS posting Duplicate Transactions

Hello team ERPNext/ERPNext Community

I am intentionally opening a new thread for this issue even though three other topics for the same issue already exists.

PoS randomly duplicates Sales Invoices. And this is happening to me once out of 15 invoices. I am experiencing this for the first time despite months of testing ERPNext. I guess this is because I am using it in a heavy multi user retail environment for the first time.

The retailer facing this unbelievable situation is now calling into question the integrity of the entire ERPNext system.

ERPNext team…this is a big big fail and something I believe the entire team should focus on correcting as soon as possible. This is not a feature request. It’s a bug, the type that no one would expect should exist in any ERP solution.

I have invested a lot of time and resources into ERPNext…This is a bullet I did not see coming.

Please let’s solve this together as quickly as possible, every day this continues is a black eye for ERPNext.