POS - prevent submit, just wanted to save as draft

In my case, i just wanted to save the transaction in POS as draft and use that transaction for any additional items later on.

for example i have 3 pos location. first pos will be the first transaction then the customer will go to 2nd pos and ask for additional item and so on.

is that possible?

Thanks in Advance!

You could remove Submit Permission from Role Permission Manager for doctype - Sales Invoice from POS user’s Role.

Then for last pos where your transaction ends, create new role where Submit permission is enable for doctype - Sales Invoice. Which will enable i.e 3rd POS to submit Transaction.

Hello @jparikh thanks for your reply …

i’ll try your suggestion …


after doing your suggestion and try to make a POS transaction. im getting error of “Insufficient Permission for Sales Invoice”, and i think its because i remove the submit option of User’s Role. and i notice that in POS page i still have the submit button after you click pay.

Unfortunately this feature works in Offline POS only. Online POS is lacking this feature.

Please go to POS Settings and select “Use POS in Offline Mode”.

I believe this is a bug in Online POS which doesn’t support to submit Transaction in Draft Mode.

@rohit_w Could you please confirm this?

@jparikh if thats the case there will be a problem in synchronizing the draft transaction in POS if the POS 1 made the transaction … POS 2 won’t be able to see that unless POS 1 will sync the POS data? correct me if im wrong.


@jhe01 @jparikh

Currently online POS has no feature to save data in draft mode, but we have plan to add this feature in online POS in next version. I have created Github issue for the same, soon we’ll add this feature.

@rohit_w @jparikh

i see. so that’s it! thanks for your responses.

i’ll just have to wait for this feature to be available.

Thanks again! :grinning::v:

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Thanks @rohit_w :+1:

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