POS: Price not available

In POS offline node, Item does not show the price, but in online its shows. Reference image attached, appreciate if someone guide me in this matter.



What version are you using?

Offline mode is showing the prices in my case:

ERPNext: v11.1.28 (master)

Frappe Framework: v11.1.27 (master)


ERPNext: v11.1.20 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.21 (master)
Process Manufacturing: v1.0.0 beta (master)

What you suggest kennethsequeira?


Try following, if you are self hosted.

bench --site whateversitename clear-cache

I try this command, but it is not working.

Also, I just want to explain my process what I did after fresh installation:

  1. I create a new item with has a Variant option, also provide Standard selling rate (Rs2000).

  2. Create Variants

  3. Open POS in online mode, search the item and it shows the price

  4. I switch the POS in Offline mode, open POS and search item and item price not available here

So I added Standard Selling price ( Stock → Item Price) for this item with Rs6000

Now it shows prince in Office mode with Rs6000

But the strange thing is that it shows Rs2000 in POS online mode!!

My question is that, where the Standard Selling rate stores when we create an item? And Where POS picked the Item price in online and offline mode?


In the first graphic, it looks like the item that fails has zero stock, where the one that works has available stock. I don’t know if this is useful - just an observation

Yes stock was 0 for that item, and I also check it with add some quantity… same result.


Appreciate if someone share any documentation or explanation.