POS problem - Re-index search?

We have some products not showing up on POS. As far as I can tell there is not difference in the settings between the products that show, and the ones that do not

And yes there is stock

You can see here:

This code is not being found in the search:

If I use the old code it finds the product but you can see the product DOES have the new code

It may be to do with re-naming, but not sure. As some that have been re-named do appear in the POS. Which is why I am wondering about forcing a re-index? Is thatpossible? Or could there be a setting somewhere I am missing

Hi @Ron_Taylor

Did you refresh the POS page after renaming of the item code?
All the items , customers loads in the cache once when you reload the POS page, after you need to manually sync the master data(check menu list).

yes I reloaded many times.

But I think I have found the problem. Many of our item names / codes have ‘*’ in them. It is part of the naming convention

For a example


I think the *'s are causing problems. The ones that work do not have a * in the code :frowning:

Strangely this is only an issue on POS it works OK elsewhere. But my workaround is to work on barcode numbers instead - i think that will work and I am about to test it

OK so not the ‘*’

What is going wrong

Product shows barcode

POS says the product does not exist


We are supposed to be going live on Monday, my very little hair is now falling out :frowning:

Hi @Ron_Taylor,

Thanks for reporting an issue, we have fixed the issue and soon we’ll release the fix

phew, i thought i was going mad!

I donlt want to ‘push’ it, but any chance this update will be pushed to erpnext.com cloud users in the next day or so?

Hi @Ron_Taylor,

Yes we are releasing the fixes today on the cloud


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Looks like this did not happen? We are still on 7.1.19

I will have to postpone our implementation. :frowning:

Hi @Ron_Taylor,

Sorry, due to some technical issues we were not able to release the fixes on the Saturday which we will release today

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All done