POS Profile - Account for change amount?

Can anyone explain to me what is the use/purpose of “Account for Change Amount” in POS profile? What account do you suggest as a default? Thanks!

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Hi @airzoink,

Whenever customer pays you more than billing amount you have to return the extra amount to them. This extra amount will be deduct from the account mentioned in “Account for Change Amount”.

Mostly cash account is used for it.

Thanks, Rohit

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It is clear, Thank you for your answer.

How can I handle bellow scenario

If I have 2 shops lets say ShopA & ShopB
each shop have 2 cashiers, working shift base. all users have the ‘cash in hand’
ShopA: Manager & Cashier
ShopB: 2 Cashiers

How can I manage the money in these users hand.


  1. Manager has some money
  2. Manager gives money to ShopACashier & ShopBCashier-1
  3. After work ShopBCashier-1 give money to Manager
  4. ShopBCashier-2 collect money from Manager and start work
  5. end of the day ShopACashier & ShopBCashier-2 give money to Manager.
  6. Managar has all the money.