POS profile activated ons ales invoice


as you know VAt is going to be implemented soon in UAE. I have raised this issue before also that while making non-pos invoice the default ledgers are fetched. instead of ledgers mentioned in the pos profile.

SO please help me out on this.


Why not use POS Profile only. In there, you can disable Stock Update and Payment if needed. Just use it for fetching default accounts.

As per the design, POS Profile is applied only if Is POS field is checked. Apply it on the non-pos invoice will require change in design which will have to be developed and implemented.

I want to use pos profile but the issue is salesman miss some time to check it and I tried putting the default value for is_pos to 1 but that is also not reliable.

now I am trying to use this condition


I am trying to put this condition in sales invoice any field I can put it like item, qty or price that if the pos profile is not checked they are not able to use any of this field. but it’s not working. Could you help me?


can you confirm for thsi

try below code


not working dear