POS profile and Features Setup V7

In v7 beta, pos profile is not applied to form view? Does the new design work that way?

Because In previous version pos profiles were also applied to form view.

Also I cannot find Feature Setup to enable/disable POS and other features like in v6?

I’m confused…Is Pos is there but seems it’s not linked to POS profile??

@jof2jc did you ever find this or find a work around? I am having the same issue

I have tested, on checking “Is POS”, it is fetching default values from POS Profile as intended.

“Switch-to-POS-View” button is deprecated. Instead there is entire new view for POS. Currently the link of “POS” is missing in Accounts module page, will add it asap.

And Features Setup is deprecated, POS is enabled for everyone.

@nabinhait unfortunately when is_pos is checked payment amount is not automatically set with grand total amount. In v6 it’s automatically set the payment amount with grand total

@rohit_w can you check?

Hi @jof2jc,

This issue is fixed, please pull latest update and check

Thanks, Rohit

@rohit_w How to input serial nos if the item is serialized on POS? I could not find the way…
It seems this new POS only works with non-serialized items?

Also is it possible to put custom field on this POS form?


Ho @jof2jc,

No it works for serialized items too, please check serial no is available or not in the warehouse which is selected on the pos profile. If you have not defied the warehouse on pos profile then you can able to search all serial nos.

No this is not possible

Thanks, Rohit

@rohit_w there’s another issue…I defined ‘cash’ mode of payment in POS Profile … then on sales invoice form, user change it to ‘bank debit’ mode of payment…Unfortunately the system post the transaction to ‘cash’ account…not bank account. So the account doesn’t reflect the change of mode of payment

Hi @jof2jc,

Seems like “bank debit” mode of payment has account cash, it should be bank account.

Thanks, Rohit

Hi @jof2jc,

I have identified and fixed the issue, we’ll release it soon.

Thanks, Rohit