POS Profile is required to use Point-of-Sale

Hello Guys,

I just created a POS Profile and Reloaded my Desk. But each time i try to access the POS page, i get “POS Profile is required to use Point-of-Sale”.

I dont understand why i am getting this

Any help please


Did you assign the logged in user to the created pos profile ?

Yes i added the User.

I think you need to make the logged in user an Employee of the Company as well. Seemed to work for me.

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The Employee thing didnt work out for me.
There must be a whole bunch of requirements for a POS Profile to work.
I couldnt find any documentation about these.

Assign role “Account User” to the user(s).

I don’t know if it’s recommended but it worked for me.

It turns out that you need to apply at least 3 roles in the user profile to get POS to work:

  • Accounts User
  • Sales User
  • Stock User

You also need access to several modules in order for it to work. So in the user profile check the following modules so the user can properly operate in POS:

  • Accounts
  • Item
  • Sales Invoice
  • POS
  • Stock

In the POS Profile itself you need (at minimum) the the Update Stock box checked, the user must be listed under “Applicable for Users”, and you need at least one mode of payment defined.

Hope this helps



Please refer to this link and read the documentation.

Hi, i have setup as you mentioned but still get the same error. Kindly help to further advise. thanks.

I found out, I need to ENABLE the Use POS Offline to make it able to use.

When I DISABLED the Use POS Offline, it show the error again “POS Profile is required to use Point-of-Sale”.

when I have created POS. Once I open POS, It gives me message “POS Profile is required to use Point-of-Sale” . Please help me what m i going wrong to setup POS.

dear @Shivam_Shukla,
you need to create a POS Profile.

I had the same issue with you, i make the user an employee and and gave him roles for Account user,POS user and sales user. I reload the system and logged in again,the interface showed up