POS Profile list all user from other companies

We have a multi company setup, and we are using the POS for the branches.

the branch POS profile when you want to select the user in the field (Applicable for Users), the drop down list includes all the employees in all the other companies.

is their a way to limit this drop down list to a certain company.

thanks in advanced.

Hi. You can try to set a User Permission for every user to a Company or to the POS Profile value allowed.

There is a user permission for company for every user and still all users still appear is the drop list

Hi, Malvin,

thanks for your reply, it is appreciated a lot.

even after setting up the user permission to a company (and to his colleague in the same company), the POS profile still drop along list with all the employees in all companies.

I thought that the user permission to a company is enough for the company level, but its not working.

is their any work around until this issue been resolved.