POS Profile Not Able to be View at Create Sales Invoice

I have created the POS Profile, it can be view at POS, but when Create Sales Invoice , and Include Payment, the POS Profile cannot be view. Anyone can advise if I miss out any Permission setting ?

Could you send screenshot or videos? So we can understand exact problem.

Hi @alan

You need to give the POS User permission to view Sales Invoice separately. It’s actually something that needs to be fixed. A POS User should be able to view a record of his/her sales by default

It gets more complex when you have multiple cashiers/supervisors/managers because you then have to really understand the permission system properly to get the desired output

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Sorry, I couldn’t really get your meaning. Do you mind to elaborate more ?

And one more thing I realize is The Problem Only Happened during CREATE NEW SALES INVOICE.

If I converted the existing Sales Order to Sales Invoice, the POS Profile can be view.

Hi @alan

You need to configure the permissions properly using the ‘Role Permission Manager’ functionality

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I almost enable everything for the user, but still not able to view the POS Profile at Create Sales Invoice. Not sure what happened miss out.

Hi @alan

Have you figured this out yet? If not, could you please answer the following?

  1. Are you trying to view the Sales Invoice document only?
  2. Are you opening the Sales Invoice from the search bar or from the Accounts module?
  3. What is the exact error message you see when you try to view the Sales Invoice (Screenshot Pls)?


The problem is solved, miss out some settings at permission.

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