POS Profile setting for multiple companies

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
hello every one
I just created a POS Profile for 2nd company. But each time i try to access the POS page with new user, i get “POS Profile is required to use Point-of-Sale”.

Any help Please

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@wolfdokha show me the POS Profile for logged in user, please.



Hi Mohammed,
I Have the same issue.
Everything works fine in only one of my company. But do not work if a pos profile in another company.
I also get “POS Profile is required to use Point-of-Sale”.
Please help :slight_smile:

@Sam-KhmerCeramics Show me the POS Profile for logged in user, please.

A bug or a point to improve…

Yes you are right Francisco.
As soon as I remove the company default I can connect.
A big issue for me because I have POS in each company and I cannot use them with the Offline Mode.

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HI Mohamed.
Really seems like a bug with the company default.
The problem is it is not possible to use the offline mode with this workaround…
Any other option?

I’ve equally had numerous issues setting up POS in a multi-company

Hi Adam,
Everything fine for you now? Do you use online or offline?

I’ve no multi-store setup yet. I did separate sites for the last two. I use offline nearly everytime.

@adam26d Humm…
I find Erpnext lacking a lot of thing on productivity.

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@Sam_NAVARRO the biggest differentiating factor with ERPNext is the ability for the user community to enhance and add functionality (FOSS), it’s not - by a good margin - the best ERP. But with such additions and time it may very well be.

So whatever you are lacking, make a plan, based on your Return On Investment (and ERPNext has a high ROI) you can use those returns to improve what you think is lacking, the Community is always happy to help such contributions.

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