POS sales invoice and stock delivery

Hi Community ,
i want to ask what is the best thing to do when you made a sales invoice form POS ,
and don’t check the update stock in POS profile , so the sales invoice happens but the stock remain not affected ,
why i did this ? because i need an Employee called " stock man " for example to make approve the action when item go out from a warehouse !
so now when i open the sales invoice , i have a button called make , i can make a delivery note from there and submit it ,

Am doing it good or i there is a better way ?

Thanks :smiley:

Dear @ahmadRagheb
The POS designed to sell goods existed in store.
Fro example: when you buy clothes from a clothes shop, you take the clothes after paying money at POS and the stock update at the same time of paying money.
I think in your case you should not use POS you should create sales invoice directly.

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@dufani1 Thanks for the reply my friend :slight_smile:

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Hi @ahmadRagheb ,

-If you are using POS then ,you need to do “Update stock” then
item will out from warehouse,in this case no need to make delivery

if you don’t want to do ‘update stock’, then make simple invoice and create ‘Delivery Note’, stock will deducted.

So, I think- No need to do customization. whatever ERP has in-built functionality is sufficient in your case.

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@shraddha @dufani1 Thank you very much guys , Now things are clear to me i won’t make customization Erpnext have what i want . thanks again for answering me :slight_smile:

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