POS Sales Invoice - Discount Amount

Could the POS Sales Invoice “Discount Amount” field be set to Zero by default?
Currently if the POS “Discount Amount” is left empty the sales invoice immediately becomes overdue.
By putting a Zero (or any other number) into the “Discount Amount” field the POS sales invoice goes through as paid. As POS is generally about speed, not having to type Zero in every transaction would be excellent.

Steps to set default value in ‘Discount Amount’ field:
1.Go to Doctype list form-> ‘Sales Invoice’ doctype
2.In ‘Fields’ datagrid , click on row having label as ‘Discount Amount’.
3. Enter default value as 0 in ‘Default’ textarea.
4.Save this form.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

@Geetanjali Thanks for the reply. I had tried that yesterday but had no luck. I tried putting Zero in both Discount Amount (Company Currency) and Discount Amount. Tried adding 0.0 etc etc but no luck. I looked at the DB and added various Zeros.
If I put one dollar in, It works fine so what I have done is put in a discount amount of 0.001. This works as I only round to two decimal places. So all good. Thanks again, Rick