POS Sales Invoice - How to customize it?

Hi every one! I’m gonzalo from Argentina. Sorry for my english.

Me and my friends are developing an app with ERP Next.

Detail of the situation and problem

Currently, we are tryng to customizing the POS for the Sales Invoice.
To see this view we execute these steps:

  1. Select the POS icon on the dashboard.
  2. We select the first option of the combobox (Sales Invoice)

There, on that view, we want to add some fields just for the POS - Sales Invoice. We make enphasis on this detail because we saw there are another options in the combobox from de POS view like: Sales Order, Delivery Note, and so on.

We know that the main DocType for that view is: “Sales Invoice”
We already went to Setup > Customize to customized this DocType and then went to the “expanded” view to see these changes.
We call the expanded view to the view you get by going to Selling > Sales Order

We also know that the template, which is loaded when you select the POS, is stored on: …/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js/pos.html , and loaded by the pos.js on the same directory.

Our main questions are:

How we can debug these files to see how and when they are executed?
How to customize the POS.html in order to modify the view just only for the POS - Sales Invoice?


Frappe Version: v5.4.2
Erp Next Version: v5.6.3

Thank you very much!
Any help would be great!!!

@ggorosito09 welcome to the forum!

To customize the POS view, you will have to edit the pos.html & pos.js files as it is a custom view. To debug, you can use standard JS techniques.

Make sure you have bench watch running in one of the screens (or bench/Procfile) to re-compile the JS

It is hard to customize just for Sales Invoice, you can add if conditions in your html.


How to edit these files (pos.html & POS.js) in cloud account?

thank you

If you are on erpnext cloud, you cannot do it directly. You will have to send in a pull request with your changes.

What is your use case?

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