POS- Scan barcode price from receipt from software

Some clients have insurance for drugs coverage and only require to pay the amount after the insurance. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how much it costs because it depends on each patient and the insurance they have. There is a software we use for this purpose, and it is not integrated in ERPnext.

However, the good news is the receipt printed by this software is able to generate a barcode 128, and that barcode can customize by adding prefix only to the amount left to paid.

For example, if there is no prefix added, the scanner will read the barcode128 as 1525 if the price is 15.25$. If we add a prefix like RX, the scanner will read “RX1525”.

The software seller says usually, the POS can identify “the prefix” with the item “department” which is “drug department” with a number. Assuming we called the department of drugs with an number of 8888 Prefix as a department, then the scan code will read 8888 followed by the price of the patient has to pay with no decimal, and if the price is 15.25$, it will scan as “88881525” and the POS will automatically enter that as 15.25$ in 8888 departments.

Now I have 2 problems in how to incorporate with ERPnext:

  1. How can I make the decimal to be 15.25$ rather than 1525 when scanned? (the last 2 digits as cents…) The other software is fixed and can not add a “.” to separate the decimals.

  2. Is there a way to have when scanning with a department number + price (both of the 2 elements encrypted into one single code128) for the POS or POS awesome to automatically enter than in the transaction?

Right now I am create an item code called RX, and manually enter Rx and have to manuallt adjust the rate in the transaction section. I wonder if there is a syntax or scan to automatically input RX1525 → and have erpnext read as RX as item code, and 15.25$ as rate, all in a single scan.

Thank you!