POS Screen extremely slow - can we remove item pre-loading on POS

Please, can someone suggest a quick fix for the new POS screen; maybe editing the pos.py file in the frappe-bench directory- so that it pulls a limited amount of records per query; here’s the situation; every other module runs fast except the POS and I think its about the way it pre-loads every item on the products DB! Can we remove this preloading? let the items only come when a search is made and then let it be limited to only searched items. sometimes this pr-loading makes the POS very slow and scanned items can take close to 5 seconds or more to be loaded. Our network is fast; other modules race very well.

I believe this issue can be fixed from a script in the frappe-bench folder, please guide. We just need to remove the auto loading of entire stocks.

Below is the pos.py file; what part of the code pulls everything? I tried the 99999; no luck, added a limit 10 to the select statement, no luck, please someone on the erpnext team should help; let the script pull only say 20 items for preview and then pull items as we scan or search without needing to pull probably 20MB+ everytime; including images

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import frappe

def get_items(price_list, sales_or_purchase, item=None):
condition = “”
order_by = “”
args = {“price_list”: price_list}

if sales_or_purchase == "Sales":
	condition = "i.is_sales_item=1"
	condition = "i.is_purchase_item=1"

if item:
	# search serial no
	item_code = frappe.db.sql("""select name as serial_no, item_code
		from `tabSerial No` where name=%s""", (item), as_dict=1)
	if item_code:
		item_code[0]["name"] = item_code[0]["item_code"]
		return item_code

	# search barcode
	item_code = frappe.db.sql("""select name, item_code from `tabItem`
		where barcode=%s""",
		(item), as_dict=1)
	if item_code:
		item_code[0]["barcode"] = item
		return item_code

	condition += " and ((CONCAT(i.name, i.item_name) like %(name)s) or (i.variant_of like %(name)s) or (i.item_group like %(name)s))"
	order_by = """if(locate(%(_name)s, i.name), locate(%(_name)s, i.name), 99999),
		if(locate(%(_name)s, i.item_name), locate(%(_name)s, i.item_name), 99999),
		if(locate(%(_name)s, i.variant_of), locate(%(_name)s, i.variant_of), 99999),
		if(locate(%(_name)s, i.item_group), locate(%(_name)s, i.item_group), 99999),"""
	args["name"] = "%%%s%%" % frappe.db.escape(item)
	args["_name"] = item.replace("%", "")

# locate function is used to sort by closest match from the beginning of the value
return frappe.db.sql("""select i.name, i.item_name, i.image,
	item_det.price_list_rate, item_det.currency
	from `tabItem` i LEFT JOIN
		(select item_code, price_list_rate, currency from
			`tabItem Price`	where price_list=%(price_list)s) item_det
		(item_det.item_code=i.name or item_det.item_code=i.variant_of)
		ifnull(i.has_variants, 0) = 0 and
	order by
		i.name""".format(condition=condition, order_by=order_by), args, as_dict=1)

try to add LIMIT in the sql construct https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/limit-optimization.html

Thanks @ccfiel; I actually tried the LIMIT clause and it seemed to have no effect on the records pulled. I added it at the select area in the pos.py file. I do not know if the browser cache still held a cached copy. I will give it a shot and get back to you.

Please people; help with other suggestions; this is a real issue and a solution could help someone else.

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