POS Screen Testing

In general, there are too many steps, Save, Submit and confirm. I’m sure one step can be taken out at least if not 2
Sales Order:
POS Sales Order: Requires Delivery date, but no field to select it. You have to go to normal screen then back to POS.

Delivery Warehouse error shows one product at a time not all combined.

When Sales Order is saved, in the screen it doesn’t do anything. Should go back to POS start-up screen or print popup should appear and after action on that should go to POS startup screen.

Once you enter Sales Order screen, to go back to POS startup screen you have to go to home menu and POS again. It should take you there after every saved document.

You can’t bring up a sales order again in POS screen. Should be able to in order to make changes, complete delivery and accept payments.

Sales Invoice:
Can’t have multiple payment methods.

The default payment of cash doesn’t do rounding, does rounding only if amount is greater than invoiced amount.

How to view stock movement after sales invoice payment has been accepted. Stock ledger doesn’t show anything. Does it take stock out of warehouse after payment? Or do you have to do delivery?