POS Screen with no Cancel or Back Button-Only Submit button

The Point of Sale(POS) Screens dont have any Exit/Cancel or back button if you dont want to proceed with Capturing and Saving the details on the screen, you are stuck with the screen, for example the Create POS Opening Shift screen. How can we fix this or can we just add Cancel button.

Could you please attach a screenshot of the example you’re trying to explain? It would be clearer and then maybe I could suggest a workaround

I tried to attach earlier but never saw any attachment option. Re-checked now and I still dont see it. If you go to any of the initial POS(Point of Sale )Screens ypu will see that they are Modal dialog Form window(screen) with no Cancel or Close or Exit or Back button.

that’s the option, you could directly paste it in the edit box as well

I assume this is what you are talking about?
Thanks for pointing it out, will try to work on it!
also could you let me know what exactly do you expect here to happen? like a use-case scenario with the expected result


Thank you, thats what I was talking about, noticed it on several of the initial POS screens when I was exploring it.
The Use Case would be that me as a POS User trying to set up or check or explore the POS Set Up screens should be able to abandon a transaction and exit a screen without doing anything or Exit without saving even when I have put something on the screen.

So to explore POS further, setting up the POS opening entry is mandatory in every case. If you’re using a computer browser you could simply press the back button and go to the previous screen and navigate to other pages from there, although I understand having a cancel option is better.
would surely list it down under improvements

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Thank you, will try that.