Pos/selling invoice: Negative Stock Error despite having qty in stock

Hi, I am trying to sell an item via POS as a test, when I try to, it gave me an error:
Negative Stock Error (-2.0) for Item ABC in Warehouse Stores - comp on 2020-09-20 3:25:41 in Sales Invoice SINV-00005
despite having 50 unit of this item, I can see it in the Stock Ledger, please find the attached
Please advise


While there is not enough information here to give you a definitive answer, please be aware of the following:

  • The POS Profile that you setup in order to make POS sales will directly influence the way the sale is processed.

  • Make sure the “Items” that you have in stock are in fact listed as in the SAME warehouse that your POS profile is pointed into.

The ability to place inventory into multiple warehouses is a benefit but you must also make sure the POS profile defaults to the very same warehouse the Items are located as you attempt to sell that inventory.

This is obviously only one possible explanation, but it is a common mix up that new users encounter.

Hope this helps. :sunglasses:


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Thanks @bkm for typing to help me, I think it was a cashing issue, because when I waited a little the issue fixed itself, thanks again man