POS Setting -Doubt

Hai All,

I am facing difficulties in POS…
<> I created New POS profile And assigned Mode Of Payment As Cash and Credit Card … And i created two customer as Card & Cash, When i use POS i select either one of this two customer , but all amount goes to cash only… Card amount shoul go to bank… how can i solve this

I might as well try to lend a hand here while I am working on my first caffeine of the morning. :coffee:

Let me explain how I set systems up here and see if that will help.

  • I only setup ONE default customer for the store and name it “Shop Walkin”

  • Set “Shop Walkin” as the default customer in the POS Profile (that way everytime you open the POS screen the default customer is already filled in for you).

  • In the Awesome Bar type Mode and then select “Mode of Payment List” from the drop down selections.

  • In Mode of Payment list select “Credt Card”

  • In the Field labeled “Type” make sure it says “Bank”

  • In the Default Account make sure it lists your bank

  • Then save the record.

  • In the POS Profile make sure you have the default user defined

  • Then make sure to add the modes of payment you intend to use
    (In my case we set the Credit Card as the default payment)

Now when you make a sale in POS and you hit the “Pay” button on the POS keypad you will be presented with a payment screen where you can choose which mode of payment to use. The amount will be filled out in the default payment type but you can change it to one of the other payment types by replacing the amount in the default mode with zero and type in the amount for the correct payment mode. then Submit.

The good part about doing it this way is that you can also "split"the payment across multiple payment types. For example if your customer only has $10 in their pocket but the amount due is $18, then you can put $10 in the cash portion of payment and the remaining $8 in the credit card part.

Hope this helps.


ok… got it… cleard …thank u