POS still not actually saving the transactions properly. All are DRAFT

I have been using a production version of ERPNext fresh from the sources. It is only 2 days old. I am still seeing almost all of the transactions I do with POS logged in the sales invoices as “Draft” and not being completed. Even though I have a perfect connection to the system, and I click submit and print for every sale, it is still not saving sales.

Inventory levels are not changing, and financial accounts are not updating from the transactions. This is NOT usable as a POS system at all.

What needs to be done to correct this?

BKM :persevere:

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Hi @bkm

Kindly share the traceback of an error, are the POS orders stuck in queue?
Currently we are working on making offline POS optional and by next week we have a plan to launch it in the develop branch.

I am working in production mode so I am not sure how I would gather anything from the command line. I did not receive any errors. I just executed the POS transactions, printed the receipts, and then went to check their status in the “Sales Invoice” section.

Here is what the sale looks like just before I send it to the printer:

After doing 3 sales transactions in the POS module, I exited POS and went the the Sales Invoice" section to see if the transactions were listed correctly. You can see they are all listed as “Draft”

A quick look at the inventory levels for the items sold through the POS module shows that none of the stock levels changed. So, the items were never deducted from inventory. The same is true for the accounting. The funds were never added to the account for the sales in the POS module.

And again, there were NO errors posted. Here is a screen shot of the ERPNext desktop. The only thing flagged are the 6 Sales Invoices that you can see in the previous picture.

There are no errors to run a trace with. I am not sure what else I can provide you. This is not related to a down internet connection. If that were true I would never be able to get to any of the other screens to get the screen shots for you.

I am at a loss to find a reason for the problem, but I cannot use the POS module if it will not complete the transactions. The client cannot be expected to try to go back and re-submit all of the transactions of the day and then figure out how to get them to be marked as Paid. These were all Cash transactions.


You might have some server side validating that failed. I can recommend you check your browser, inspect elements. Somewhere there should be an error. Sorry it’s a bit vague. Another thing to think about is if you have comple pricing rules that need server side validating. If one transaction fails… all other pos transaction following fails.

Have you checked the PoS Profile for the user?

We keep the invoice in draft mode, only when there is some issue(like stock deficiency ) during submission of invoice. Can you please try to submit that invoices from the form view and check what an error system throwing.

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Yes, The same profile worked one some transactions and got Draft on others. Only one profile in use here.


Wow, that doesn’t make much sense. So if something strange interferes with one transaction and that transaction fails, then all transactions that follow it will automatically fail?!?


I believe the ERPNext team is working on resolving this anomaly (fingers crossed)

Thanks @rohit_w we will await this earnestly. Many thanks

Yes Sir, strange but true. Imagine standing in a long queue and the first guy at the counter is taking forever…what happens to people behind…? Hope that paints a picture of how offline transactions work. They queue up…untill the first guy in the queue is cleared up. Hope that helps!

Hi @bkm

Sorry about the issues you’re experiencing.

No… this actually affects syncing to the backend. The transactions don’t fail but are held up in a queue until the issue is resolved. The ERPNext team is working on making the sync asynchronous and hopefully this should be done soon

In your case however, that doesn’t seem to be the issue because your sales actually got synced to the Invoice List. The issue is that they are in draft. Please confirm that the user still has permission to ‘Submit’ invoice and that there is available stock for all items in each invoice

The suggestion given by @rohit_w is actually the best way to trace the issue:

Have you tried this and did it give any errors?


Or until you shut down the system and all the transactions disappear.

Lol! Hi @olamide_shodunke you really should have a bit more faith in the ERPNext team :grinning:

Shutting down the system doesn’t make transactions disappear; they’re kept in local storage until there’s an opportunity to sync. I believe the main threats of losing un-synced transactions would be if you updated your OS, completely uninstalled your browser, or your system crashed :frowning:

Working offline sometimes has it’s kinks but for many users, the flexibility it gives is priceless! …And critical issues with POS (which are very few now, thankfully) are resolved fairly quickly



Please check your stock… I am working currently with a client that happens that same and we have seen that if the stock for the item is not enough the PO will be draft and if you go to sales invoice and try to submit will show the stock message.

Hi Wale

With due respect I do not think you actually use the current PoS version in a commercial environment.

If you have tried to, you will quickly come to the realization that it is far from ideal, and dangerous. And how quickly are the issues with PoS resolved again? I believe PoS is not priority for the team and personally I have decided not to pursue the use of ERPNext for this purpose. It is not ready for prime time.

FYI, clearing the cache will automatically delete the entries and not just uninstalling your browser.

What you detect in my mail is frustration and some sarcasm.


Hi @olamide_shodunke

Believe me, I understand your frustrations with the POS but it shouldn’t make you rush into wrong assumptions. I think I should be among the top users of the ERPNext POS in production environments (note the ‘s’) :slightly_smiling_face: and you can feel free to confirm this. In one production setup alone I have 19 stores running on the POS

If you wish not to use the POS (at least in it’s current state), I totally respect your decision but don’t make it look like it is totally useless because that would be not only unfair but most importantly… untrue


Thank you Wale for the feedback.

I guess our expectations of a modern multI location PoS system differs. I may be new to ERPNext but am definitely not new to PoS implementations. My bigger clients have over 70 stores each, all using other PoS solutions. That’s in Nigeria. That makes my company one of the biggest if not the biggest PoS solution providers in the country. You can fact check this (Former name of the business is PristineAssets)

My frustration stems from the fact that basic retail controls that the simplest PoS systems already effectively implement are absent in ERPNext PoS. And if you are using this solution for a 19 store entity…I doubt if you are not exposing that entity to risk and short changing the entity of a true multi location retail experience.

My humble opinion having reviewed ERPNext extensively over the last 6 months or so.

I am open to been proved wrong.

Hi @olamide_shodunke

As mentioned earlier, you have the rights to your opinions and your decisions to use the POS feature (or not). I’ve been a committed user and member of the ERPNext community for about 6 years now and the commitment to quality software is truly inspiring which is why things keep improving at such a rapid pace. I maintain that the system is not as bad as you try to portray and we’re quite happy with it. I’m not sure what your 'simplest PoS systems' and 'true multi location retail experience' benchmarks are but quite honestly, I’d rather take my chances with ERPNext anyday

Instead of outrightly condemning the app, why not try to find out how those who are using it successfully are managing to do so?

…And yet, here you are :slightly_smiling_face:! That must mean you’ve seen something good in ERPNext, right? Also, the fact that you’re here venting your frustrations tells me you really want things to improve or else you wouldn’t even have bothered and would probably have moved on by now. Don’t forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day… the ERPNext you met is light years ahead of what it was 6 years ago and I’ve never regretted the decision to stick with it

Finally, ERPNext is Open Source! If you’re not satisfied with the POS or the pace of it’s development, you can always hire your own developers to make the changes you consider most critical and contribute back to the core :wink:. Another very good option would be to integrate with an existing POS app you’re comfortable with or even design one. The possibilities are endless…

I hope you don’t allow the initial frustrations make you give up on such a great product and an even greater community… oh, did I mention the cool team as well?



If all you say is true, then I challenge you to switch all of your POS installations to the most recent version of ERPNext. Otherwise… it is YOU that is mis-representing the POS module because you are likely using version 6 (the last reported stable version of POS), while the rest of us coming to ERPNext over the past 6 months do not have that option.

The current version is not usable until the stability issues are resolved. If a cashier has 75 to 100 transactions stuck in browser cache and the local administrator is not aware, then all of those sales do not get registered until someone bothers to check the users physical station.

Your claim of 6 years of use tells me you are definitely NOT on the current version or else you would also be asking for the same fixes the rest of us need in order to implement.

So… switch to using the version available today and I will then have reason to believe what you say. Otherwise, let us get on with making the current version better by allowing our discussions to move forward without your interference.