POS System with Frappe

I want to create a POS System using frappe, but I don’t know where to start?
Should I make it from scratch using frappe framework or just need to customize exiting ERPNext?

ERPNext has a lot more than a POS. But I want only POS functionalities.

What will be appropriate? a custom app or customized ERPNext.

There are many other open source POS systems that you might find easier to work out. Several of them are bare-bones POS functions already. ERPNext is more of a complete business solution starting with a semi-complete accounting function, CRM functions, and even some modest manufacturing functions. If you only want POS then it might be better to look at POS only projects. The maintenance of the rest of ERPNext may be more than you want to do.


Thanks, @bkm for your reply!
Do you know any open-source POS projects?

Hi, yes here!



Thank you! @federico_calvo ,

I don’t even know about it.