POS Tax Item Wise not Working correctly

I am trying to use the POS in our retail store and it isn’t getting the right tax values.
It would be great if anyone could help me with that.

POS Screen shows multiple tax rates for just one item

This is the POS profile

This is the Sales Taxes and Charges Template assigned to the POS Profile

This the Item Tax section

This is the Item Tax Template assigned to the item

I have assigned the Sales Tax and Charges Template (In-State GST) containing all the tax rates to the POS Profile (Since the tax rates can be different for different products.)

I added an item to the POS cart with a 12% In-State Tax Template.

The POS should apply only 6% SGST and 6% CGST.

What do I do here?

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Mine is working fine.

Pls go through this new tax introduced in Erpnext.

Jawahar R Mallah

Could you tell me what settings have you made for it?

Hi @anandf

Just go to item and add item tax in it as shown in screenshot

And also add tax category in customer master. As shown in screenshot.

But in the POS, I cannot go the customer settings every time and change it for every customer. Is there a predefined way? Or can I assign it to the customer group?

Auto Item Tax is calculated on basis of in and out state.
If customer is local than local tax will get applied and if outside the state igst will applied.
For this tax category is mandatory.

Which Sales Tax and Charges Template do I assign to the POS Profile?

@anandf Do you got the solution in this case ?