POS to Verifone Pin Pad intergrtion

Hi, Has anyone successfully integrated ERPNEXT POS/sales module with Verifone Pin Pad for accessing approval code from terminal? Simple step as follows

  1. Seller punches/scans the items in ERPNEXT POS
  2. Enters total amount on Verifone Pin Pad terminal
  3. Terminal get APPROVED code from Merchant Bank
  4. Terminal sends the code to ERPNEXT POS.
  5. POS module completes the transaction and sends signal to printer to print receipt.
  6. Printer opens the cash drawer.

If I am not mistaken, POS also captures approval code number and stores it to the transaction. This shorten transaction time as seller doesn’t have to punch anything to complete the sale transaction other than collecting APPROVED terminal receipt. Also eliminates swiping of the cred/debit cards on the POS magnetic trip reader.
I know few Open source POS software like Chromis had some success with other brands.Asking specifically for Verifone as this is the only brand used in my country. There are few supermarkets here that have this capability but I assume they run on Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics or some high priced software (not sure).

Verifone Pin Pad link https://goo.gl/9AGpcF


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Hi Muzzy,

I am also interested in a pin pad terminal solution.

Have you found a solution?



Hi. No haven’t found any solution. Spoke to a friend who informed me that worked on Microsoft Dynamics which has built-in API for this. It can be done on erpnext if we can get API tonuse the payment gateway.

Hi Muzzy,

Thanks for sharing.