POS v13: Leaving invoice unpaid

My organization is opening a cafeteria, and we’re testing out a few POS options. I’ve run into one thing I’m not able to figure out with the v13 default POS. Some of our sales are paid in cash, but most are debited to a customer account.

I’ve not been able to figure out how to leave the invoice unpaid. When I try to set the paid amount to zero, it automatically reverts back to the full payment value. Is this intended behavior? I’m able to leave an invoice mostly unpaid, by entering $0.01, for example. Is there any way to leave it completely unpaid?

POS is supposed to be used as cash and carry. It will always try to get full payment. Did you check the POS settings? I am not well versed with V13. We are using on V12 with our custom app as our client need offline function.

Enable this will to invalidate POS sales transactions when its Paid Amount is zero

In our app settings we can define if an invoice is be made as credit.

I think the function you are looking for is available in POS Awesome. Try it out.

Hi Muzzy, we are using v12 and we face a same problem about pos being unpaid, but we cant use credit limit since we use pos offline.

could you share your custom app to solve this?
thank you @Muzzy

Currently there is no feature for credit limit counter in offline pos.

I don’t think we added credit limit control in offline pos in the above said custom app.

If you want this customization then it can be added on request.

This is our custom app.

thank you for your reply @fkardame i will try to install it

Hi. If you use Awsome POS this function is available. You can find it on the Marketplace
Check this out