POS V7 Clarifications

Hello! I’ve been trying out the Offline POS in V7 and i ran into some issues with my current setup on ERPNext.

Since i enabled “Sales Order Required” in settings, after submitting a paid record from Offline POS i would get a “Sales order is mandatory” notification. What is the best way to go about this? I understood that I can set POS profile to handle invoice and update stock automatically but for sales recording purposes is it also advisable that it creates a sales order automatically?


Can you check?


I also had an issue with this. It’s the same thing when you enable “Delivery Note Required”. I thought these settings shouldn’t apply to POS transactions. Not sure what the general view is on this though


Hi @airzoink,

I have already raised similar issue on the github. We’ll soon going to start working on it

Thanks, Rohit