POS with empty items

i have install new setup and configure everything. all working fine except POS. if i check offline settings then items will show on POS otherwise no item shown on POS.

can anyone guide me on this…?


before Offline Mode

Enabling Use POS in Offline Mode

After Enabling

i have also run $ bench update

I have just the same issue here. I’ve been playing around with various Item settings as well as POS profile settings - all looks fine.
I’m running v11.x.x-develop (63ebeb4) (develop) on a self-hosted tenant.
Any ideas how to fix that?

Thanks in advance!

Clear browser cache and reload page after changing settings.

yes i did, same result nothing display…

base_amount: could not find docfield in method precision() number_format.js:194:11
select i.name as item_code, i.item_name, i.image as item_image,
i.is_stock_item, item_det.price_list_rate, item_det.currency
from tabItem i LEFT JOIN
(select item_code, price_list_rate, currency from
tabItem Price where price_list=Standard Selling) item_det
(item_det.item_code=i.name or item_det.item_code=i.variant_of) INNER JOIN (select item_code,actual_qty from tabBin where warehouse=Stores - ZD and actual_qty > 0 group by item_code) item_se
((item_se.item_code=i.name or item_det.item_code=i.variant_of) and item_se.actual_qty>0)
i.disabled = 0 and i.has_variants = 0 and i.is_sales_item = 1
and i.item_group in (select name from tabItem Group where lft >= 1 and rgt <= 20)
and (i.name like ‘%%%%’
or i.item_name like ‘%%%%’)and 1=1 limit 0, 40 request.js:318:6
Execution time: 0.01 sec request.js:318:6
base_amount: could not find docfield in method precision()

if i debug query this query will display in console and if i changed in query and run in bench MySQL and if i pass this query in code to remove filters and how to add quotes in query ?

where warehouse=Stores - ZD to where warehouse=‘Stores - ZD’


price_list=Standard Selling to price_list=‘Standard Selling’

then it will work.

Thanks. Did try that before - does not help…

Looks like a bug, isn’t it?

Still facing same issue :frowning:

Yes and I am facing the same issue.


Please raise issue on GitHub. It maybe that the version installed has some issue.