Possible Bug OR Gross Profit Report inconsistancy: Invoice product Bundle from POS and Gross Profit margin 100%!

I’ve a scenario:

  1. Product A0001 (Individual Product and Maintain stock) has individual Standard Buying price and Selling as well
  2. Product B0001 (Product bundle of A0001 6pcs & do not maintain stock) has a Standard Buying and Selling price.

Every time I invoice B0001 from POS, in the Gross Profit report it shows up 100% Margin!!! with “0” buying price???

Is it a possible Bug or Did I missing something??? I’m using ERPNext Version: 6.21.6 with easy way installation with no customization…

Please help…


Hi @jchakma,

Items not marked as “maintain stock” will not have a cost, it’s why the gp is 100%

Is there I reason why your B0001 is not stock managed.

As a practice in our business every item we purchase is stock managed, in this way costs can be managed.


Thanks for your reply. Basically B0001 item is a bundle of A0001. B0001 is not purchased and maintained stock. It’s a Bundle sale of A0001 (6 Pcs) which is purchased and maintained stock.


Make sure you have made purchase receipt for A0001 before sales invoice is made. Cost is maintained per individual item not per product bundle

Seems all done accordingly. A0001 receipt through purchase invoice and Buying and selling price maintained for A0001 as well as same for product bundle B0001.

Purchase Invoice is only for supplier bill, it does not update stock. Please create Purchase Receipt to update stock for A0001.

My mistake not to mention that all process PO>Received>Purchase invoiced and stock update. even after all having same issue…

Hi @jchakma,

Just did a test with a simple bundle which has 2 items. Did the receipt of 2 items, then created delivery and invoice and GP report shows GP correctly, not zero…

Not sure what is wrong in your case. My valuation method set on the stock settings screen is ‘Moving Avarage’.

So not exactly sure what you attempted - did you update to the latest version, im running

Installed Apps
ERPNext: v6.19.0
Frappe Framework: v6.25.6


@jchakma Have you made the Sales Invoice against the Delivery Note? It must be against the Delivery Note or items should be delivered via Sales Invoice (“Update Stock” should be checked).

Thanks for replying.
I’m invoicing it from POS, it’s happening only when i’m invoicing from POS.

Checked on Update stock. I’ve checked and no issue on this as it’s deducting stocks.

Can you post stock ledger report output for A0001?

Please see stock Ledger and GP with the POS Invoice #000001 stock updated and Gross Profit 100%…???

Everything looks good.

Are you hosting on the frappe cloud? In that case, I can check into your account directly.

Thanks for your reply. I’m hosting locally but i tested exactly the same scenario on frappe cloud.

Any luck of my issue to get your attention to have check as you mentioned.

I am having the same problem. We build server, workstations and standard PC. If we create product bundle with components as sub category items, the gross profit always come up as 100%. None of the cost of the components are calculated. And it has been very frustrating to figure what my real profit is!!! Any idea how it should be done so the correct profit is shown?


Hi all,

Is this issue resolved now?


Hi all,

Is this issue resolved now?


Hello all,
Facing the same issue of getting 100% Gross Profit for product bundles in ERP v13.41.0

Has there been any progress or methods to resolve this at least temporarily?