[Possible bug] Reserved qty for production


i am not sure, if this is expected behaviour.

In work order when is checked Skip Material Transfer checkbox, “reserved_qty_for_production” in BIN doctype is not updated after Stock Entry is submitted ( Purpose - Manufacture ). But i thing that it should. Because items consumed in manufacturing are not reserved anymore.

I found that, “reserved_qty_for_production” in BIN doctype is calculated from Work Order Items like:

sum(item.required_qty - item.transfered_qty)

But i thing that it should be calculated

sum(item.required_qty - item.consumed_qty)

So is this correct?


ERPNext: v11.1.68 (version-11)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.62 (version-11)

It is bug or not? I can make pull request for that. But i am not sure if this is correct behaviour.

Thanks for answer.

Yes you’re right if material transferred is skip then we should check consumed qty. When it’s not checked then existing logic is correct because we reserve the qty in store warehouse and then from that warehouse we transfer the materials to the work in progress warehouse.

I will make github issue, and will try to make pull request.

git hub issue created: