Possible for Item to show Selling price in USD which it refers to a price list based in Euro?

Hi all,

I just starting to set up a free trial to explore the functionality of ERPnext.

I have many products (items) in my company and most of them are sourced from Euro.

  1. So how do i set up a pricing rules that for the item to show Selling price in USD based on a Euro buying price (FOREX rate + Margin rules).

Item A Buying Price Euro 100
Item A Selling Price USD (based on FOREX rules x Euro100)

  1. Is there a method that i can import the price list of all the items using “Data Import” tools?

Pls advise.

Thank you.


For now it is not possible to have item price based on formula. Would you mind creating a feature suggestion for the same.
Regarding the importing the price list, you can do this using the import tool.

Hope this helps.