Possible issue on Production Order Report and Print Format: Stock UOM

Hi all

Pretty much summed up in the title: Fore some production orders, the Production Order Report and Print Format don’t pull the correct Stock UOM as set up on the Item’s master page.

Here you can see the Default UOM on Item 5239 is set to “Pack of 12 Units”, but on a Production Order Report it shows “Unit”:

I believe a related issue is on the Print Format for a production order. Below is the setup, and the end result (Item stock UOM is correct if I use frappe.db.get_value, but not if I drag and drop the built-in Stock UOM field:

This is possibly related to Issue #8125

Currently running:
ERPNext: v8.0.33
Frappe Framework: v8.0.55

Any ideas?

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The github issue is fixed in closed. Can you please check and confirm if the issue still persists. if yes request you to please create a github issue for the same.

Sorry for replying so late @ArundhatiS .

We’re now running v9.1.4 and I can confirm that this issue is fixed