Possible POS bug. Default Customer not recognized

I have looked through the forums and found that the old way of setting a default customer is no longer valid. there is no “is POS” check box in the customer info that I can find.

So, if I have a default customer defined as “Walk-In” to cover cash sales in the retail store, I cannot seem to get it to be recognized when I try to use it.

I have done the following:

  • as Administrator, I created POS profile (Setup>Accounts>Point-of-Sale Profile) and designated the cashier user as the “applicable user” and the “Walk-In” customer in the “Customer” field
  • I further defined the warehouse where the sold items would be coming from, and set the method of payment as cash. The write-off account information was also entered in order to be able to save the profile.
  • I logged into the cashier account and clicked on the POS module from the ERPnext desktop.
    The following screen was presented:

Notice the “0-RDU Walk In” customer is already in place at the top of the screen, but the POS system indicates “No Customers yet !” in the place where items would be placed on the order. At this point I just tapped the little "people"icon next to the customer name at the top of the page and the screen presented as follows:

Notice in the second screen the “Item Cart” now appears active and indicates “Tap Items to add them here” So, at this point it appears that everything should work. However when I tap on the first item on the right side of the screen to add it to the cart, I get the following message:

And you can see in the gray background there is clearly a customer selected and the item cart was active.

Did I possibly miss something, or is this a real bug?
Is there a workaround so I can get a default customer to be in place when the cashier logs into the system?



This is fixed in develop as per [fix] Default pos profile's customer not working for the POS by rohitwaghchaure · Pull Request #8651 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

This will be released into master soon.

Thank you for the update.

When you say “released into the master” , does that mean I would be able to perform a quick update and get that in my production implementation? Or will it stay only in the developer side until the next 8.x release?

Also, is there a way to know or be notified when it makes it to production release?

Sorry for not understanding the process here for things getting from developer to production.


It would be a 8.0.x release. Bugfix releases happen once or twice per week.

Watch for 8.0.22 to appear at Commits · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.