Possible to change an item when it is enabled?

HI ERPNexters,
I have an item which I want to change.
During the setup of the item I accidentally clicked the box to enable serial numbers.
But this Item doesn’t have a serial number.
So when I go to make an invoice the system asks for a serial number.
I want to switch this off for this item.
I go to E>Stock>Item and select the item I want to change.
It is enabled but I can’t see anywhere to disable it.
So when I go into that item I can see that “serial number” is ticked, but I cannot click on it to change it.
What do I do in this case?
Many thanks in advance for any replies.

There is no simple workaround. Check you this post:

I wanted to do the opposite.

Thanks Dhananjay,
I had suspected this might be the case.
I really appreciate you taking the time to answer.

Kind regards
Mike Logan