Possible to create framework then have users with their own companies?

So basically I want to make a system for helping users manage their finances and crafting in a game. I’d set up the manufacturing and prices so they don’t have to. Can they then sign up on my site and have their own data (organization) without admin going in an creating a whole new setup manually for each one? Can they sign up and immediately start working on their own?

I ask because from playing with a demo it appears that you set up one site for an organization and that’s it, if you want another organization you have to manually do it every time.


Like the MIT Beer Game?

What you need is a self-signup module for multi-tenant like erpnext.com

You need to understand how multi-tenant bench works and then write a script to spawn a new site on each install.

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Ah wonderful, thank you! I’m glad you clarified, I would have been thinking tenant has to do with literal tenants for housing units.