Possible to display CUST (customer) series

Hi there. Under our manual system, when we have a new customer we allocate a customer account number. So the first is 001, the second is 002 etc, etc. We use these numbers to ensure secrecy around the factory so that when customers visit us they can’t see work in progress for competitors. I know that ERPNext has the CUST series which I analogous to what we do already but I can’t seem to utilise this.

Is it possible to show the CUST series in the Customer List page, and also see it in the Customer form?

Thanks in advance.

The goal of this was not secrecy, so its not configurable the way you want it. You will have to customize this yourself.

Hi rmehta. Is it possible to simply display the CUST series on the Customer details page for example? Where can I get a report in the system showing CUST series and Customers?

Thanks for your help.

which page? its not out of the box

Just click no “Report” on the customer list screen and select your columns via Menu > Pick Columns.

Hi Rushab,

can we customize these columns(highlighted) as per our requirement?
If yes, where are the settings to customize it?


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@nabinhait thank you :slight_smile: