Possible to switch-off Address voodoo in Delivery Note?

In a delivery note, the billing address is filled in automatically and cannot be edited in some cases that I don’t understand.

I would need free editable Billing address. Is this settable somewhere?

A workaround might be to define preferred shippment and billing address, but this does not always apply in a particular use-case. Also somehow once the address is picked, the billing address cannot be changed at all.

Also once set, I cannot make the shipping address empty anymore (in draft).

Am I missing something?

It’s not voodoo. That field is being pulled via javascript from the customer doctype, and if you look at the delivery note doctype definition you can see that billing address is set read-only.

Since it’s a default field, you can’t change that behavior, but you can create a new, editable custom field.

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Thank you Peter, now that makes sense. I was testing something and I didn’t pay attention that it was fetched from the Sales order.

Actually after thinking through it, it is absolutely correct that the billing address is read only at the stage of Delivery Note.

Thank you for your reminder.

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