Possibly a Bug in ERPNext Accounts-Payment Entry

Hi Guys,

Its happened a few times now that when I try to make a payment via Payment Entry, I come across this message and as you can see the Currency is already selected, infact I’ve disabled all the other currencies but the same message keeps coming up as per screen grab below.


Current Versions

ERPNext: v10.1.8 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.4 (master)

There are 2 account currency fields, one for paid from account and other for paid to account. Please check both the fields.


Thanks for getting back, very appreciated.

I think this show the error I am getting better, see highlighted red oval.

There are number in the PE I just hid them but basically same process as earlier and I get this error intermittently


So, actually account currency is not set for “paid from” account. There must be some scenario where it is not getting fetched. Try to figure out the steps to replicate the issue, it will help to fix the issue.
Is reselecting the “Paid From” Account fix the problem?

Here is the how the issue happens

Entry Flow where Error/Bug Appears

  1. New PE
  2. Select Pay
  3. Select Party Type
  4. Select Party
  5. Enter Paid From
  6. Enter Paid Amount
  7. The Error/Bug Appears

Entry Flow where Error/Bug Does not Appear

  1. New PE
  2. Select Pay
  3. Select Mode of Payment
  4. Select Party Type
  5. Select Party
  6. Enter Paid Amount
  7. Rest of Process works fine

Hope this helps

Thanks for sharing the steps, but unfortunately I still can’t replicate the error.
Are you getting the error every time you follow the 1st steps? Do you have any customisations?

Yes I am getting the error everytime there are no customisations. its Stock Standard ERPNext & Frappe