Possibly a Print Format BUG? Only able to select default print format

Hi All,
I have 2 print formats for a doctype both built with print format builder, they use similar data with only minor differences in which fields get printed.

  1. Invoice
  2. Packing List

Problem: The system only allow selection of 1 print format which has been set as ‘default’ the 2nd print format for some unknown reason will not appear, instead i get both same print format as choice along with the standard print format.

When i set INVOICE as default, i get choices of INVOICE/INVOICE/Standard
When i set PACKING LIST as default, i get choices of PACKING LIST/PACKING LIST/Standard

I have cleared cache & reloaded browser. ERPNext: v7.2.1

@Jay Hi have you tried creating another dummy print format?

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Hi @johnskywalker, thank you, after creating a 3rd print format called “Dummy”, 2nd print format shows up.Now i have:-
Invoice/Dummy/Packing List/Standard
as choices.When i disable Dummy or delete it, problem comes back. I guess i just have to keep the dummy print format just to ‘solve’ this. Since i want the Dummy to be last at the selection in dropdown menu, i renamed it to “zDummy” but that creates another problem. I now have:-
Invoice/Invoice/Packing List/zDummy

So i renamed it back to Dummy , something to do with sorting order…i wonder.

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issued raised Multiple print format selection issue, system list default print format twice if there are 2 print format built by builder · Issue #7350 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub