POST Always Returns 200 with No new Document Created

When attempting to post to my companies ERP Next Frappe instance I get a 200 with a list of seemingly random document ids back.

This occurs whether I supply a body or none. It happens with all the doc types I’ve tried. Items I post to the api do not appear in the UI when I go to list items of that doc type. The same result occurs when I select a random http verb. Its effectively the same as if I’d called
{{myERPInstace}}/api/resource/My%20Doc%20Type instead of {{myERPInstace}}/api/resource/My%20Doc%20Type/My-Order-Id. The response is similar.

I tried calling a get on an order I created in the UI then doctoring the fields up a bit. Copying that JSON and posting it back. This did yield a different response with an empty body instead of a listing of IDs. Unfortunately when going to the UI to view the document it did not appear again.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is there some API service my company is not subscribed to that only allows GET requests and not posts? Or any other idea what I might be missing?

Hi, did you find what it was causing this? I’m getting the same problem when trying to POST a delivery note

Hi, I think I have the same problem.

Hi, any progression on this problem? I still can’t get it fixed.