Post installation issue

Hi post installation of V12 I am getting the options shown in below screen shot

Modules and Domain is missing…do i need to change some settings to get the module and domain options ?
Thanks in advance .


Not sure about this…but have you installed ERPNext App…?

Thanks for the reply. No its not an app…why do you ask ? I mean does erp app show the the above screen shot as its landing page ?


Not sure… !!!

Also if any one could help me by letting me know that why am I having this “Bird Icon” on the home page (marked in yellow)…is it a version issue ?

Thanks in advance

ERPNext app isn’t installed. Only the frappe app has been installed. Do the below steps.

  1. Reinstall the site.
  2. Install erpnext app.
  3. Proceed to setup the system.
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ok thanks for the reply …will check …


I have checked, the frappe logo and the above dashboard is appearing because ERPNext app is not installed.

Kindly install erpnext app on your site.

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thanks for the reply …will check once again and get back

You missing the “install-app” command

git clone bench-repo
bench init frappe-bench && cd frappe-bench
bench new-site
bench get-app erpnext
bench --site install-app erpnext
bench start
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Thanks …will check and get back

Hi Crafter,
We are already done with these commands.
Please let me know if there any other step we are missing at our end
Should we reinstall it ?

I have reinstalled everything but I cant get any option in this.
Drop down is not showing any thing

I did outline the basic steps. I would recommend following that and re-installing.
You can use the following command to delete the site and database

bench drop-site [sitename]

Otherwise I would suggest just deleting the database and folders and starting over again.

Now this error is there

It says the operation has stopped because backup of’s database has failed

Just delete the directory and create a new installation from scratch.
You can then manually delete the database later on.