Post update to v13, http 417 error on trying to login through mobile app


Just wanted to raise the bug. I am afraid that the mobile app hasn’t been updated to send the right headers to the login API.


same issue here

I’m a same error, I thingh purchase the basic $10 plan, but the mobile access not work, only says the failed acces status 417.

Please help us

The mobile app won’t work in v13. It is not updated since 2019. There is a new frappe app available but it is in testing phase. Android installation file is available.

i’m still getting this error under bitnami v13.7.0 - ERPNext Cloud Hosting, ERPNext Installer, Docker Container and VM
Please help! thanks so much.

Same issue here.

“Alert Https:// failed with status 417”


Will you know where I can get the apk?

Hello Community, Since past few months, We at Frappe are working on Mobile App for Frappe Framework v13 (branch: develop), you can download latest build here Fork, Star, Report Issues, Contribute metal Screenshots: [login][home] [list_view] Current Features: Offline First (Data is automatically fetched in background every 30 mins) Create/Update Docs (queued when offline and processed automatically when reconnected to internet) Add/Remove Assignees, Tags Add/Remove/Download Attachment…

After installed latest build as provided by you, still unable to login. (Error Not found)

BS. Does not work.

Frappe mobile app is now available to download on Play store

Downloaded and installed. The same error persists. Are there any other changes required on the server side?

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Hello, I am android user and my play store is still showing 2019 version

These are two separate Apps. Erpnext and Frappe mobile.

Pls search in play store for Frappe mobile app. The old app is erpnext which is 2019 version.


thank you. it is working now :grinning:

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What is the exact mobile App name in playstore and Appstore

@amsrk Please note that we have deprecated mobile apps.