Postgres Bug with v-15

Hello Everybody,
using frappe v-15, with postgres we keep getting same error “nocolumn doctype of relation tabDefault Value
it’s almost for all tables,
another example

[\"Error in query:\\ncolumn \\\"doctype\\\" of relation \\\"tabOffer\\\" does not exist\\nLINE 1: ...\\\", \\\"modified\\\", \\\"modified_by\\\", \\\"docstatus\\\", \\\"idx\\\", \\\"doctype\\\",...\\n                                                             ^\\n\"]"

Couldn’t proceed with saving anything

Hi @Zeinab_Mohammed,

postgres isn’t fully supported on erpnext yet.

Thank You!

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Try postgres v14.11 with frappe app.
It works

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Okay , the issue disappears when we restart the bench, but returns after time, could it be caching problem?

We already use it

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The error is related to a missing column in Offer DocType. Maybe is part of your code.

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Actually it occurs on every save of any document, offers here is just an example,
here is another example on saving "Email Account:

Response Data

	"exception": "",
	"exc_type": "UndefinedColumn",
	"_debug_messages": "[\"Error in query:\\ncolumn \\\"doctype\\\" of relation \\\"tabIMAP Folder\\\" does not exist\\nLINE 2: ..._by\\\"='Administrator', \\\"docstatus\\\"='0', \\\"idx\\\"='1', \\\"doctype\\\"=...\\n                                                             ^\\n\"]"

problem disappears temporarily on clearing cache so it may be something related to caching, not sure